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I'm Eleanor, a Product Designer at Redfin, and a graduate of University of Washington's Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program.

I received my undergraduate degree in political science from Colorado College where I learned how to problem solve and think critically—is it a stretch to say that Aristotle and his "5 whys" was our first design researcher? Okay, maybe a bit...

After graduation, I worked in digital marketing at CET Academic Programs in Washington, DC.  In my 3+ years there, I wore a lot of hats. As webmaster, I used tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, A/B testing, and usability tests to refine our website and ultimately launch a new one. I worked to support our sales teams by designing print collateral, crafting email campaigns, and thinking through larger, systems-level sales and marketing processes. And with 10 years of photoshop experience under my belt, I was the resident birthday sign and meme-maker.


In my free time, I volunteered as a digital literacy teacher at Carlos Rosario Charter School, an adult English language school. I spent a lot of my time watching my students struggle through poorly designed technology that was meant to make their lives easier...but was doing the opposite.


Frustrated but seeing an opportunity, I went on to complete General Assembly's UX Design course.

I graduated from UW's MHCI+D program in 2019, where I enjoyed delving into both UX research and design alongside interaction design, experience design, prototyping, and even some physical computing.


I am excited about accessibility, service design, and using research and design to think through complex systems to craft better end-to-end user experiences.

In my free time, you can find me backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, curled up with a good book, or taking photos.