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Understanding the price of a home, without ever setting foot inside.

RedfinNow Pricing Software

Product Designer II, November 2019 - June 2022

RedfinNow gives home sellers a stress-free, no-obligation cash offer on their home within a day. To arrive at that offer price, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. RedfinNow combines machine learning algorithms plus local agent expertise to arrive at an optimal price for both seller and Redfin—all within 24 hours, and without setting foot in the home.


My work over the years primarily focused on increasing both agent efficiency and offer accuracy, as well as big-picture service design regarding offer delivery to customers as the business scaled. 

Below is a small sample of high-level work I did at Redfin in order to maintain confidentiality. More information on the process that went into these designs/more detailed designs are available upon request.

UI of Offer Settings project

As the sole Product Designer for RedfinNow, I was deeply involved with each step of the design process - from conducting my own qualitative research, prototyping and mock-ups, to implementation and rollout. I optimized workflows for our agents and designed pricing software that made Redfin's trove of data actionable and understandable to agents.

Some key achievements include:

  • Increased agent productivity from 100 home offers a month to 140 offers (+40%).

  • Helped the business scale from five markets in 2019 to 24+ markets in 2022.

  • Built software and workflows for end-to-end offer writing process from scratch. 

  • Introduced formal user research practice to RedfinNow internal software and set up bi-annual UX Metrics survey to measure progress on UX goals.

CMA Tool.png
CMA Tool2.png
"I have been thinking all week about how impressed I was with your execution of the investment tools was amazing! You truly took charge of the entire process and were able to explain every step clearly to all the collaborators. I know that my team came away feeling heard and felt like they had a say in the next chapter in RedfinNow which is dope."

— Orlando Ford, RedfinNow Director of Real Estate Operations

UI of agent software
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